Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why I'm Voting for Democrats

The Republican War on Women must be stopped.  I'm not just talking about voting for President Obama, I'm talking about every level of government.  If my dog catcher has a tea party sticker on their car I want to run them off the road.  This is how serious I am about this time in America.

Okay, to be fair, women are my life.  I have two daughters aged 11 and 5 who I love more than life itself and a my beautiful and talented wife makes my world go round.  My sister is one of my best friends and Mom, rest her soul was my role model, so you get the picture.

There are those on the left who say patently stupid things like "there's not a nickel's worth of difference" in the two parties.  (Michael whore for relevance Moore)  Others who say that backers of President Obama have sold out their liberal values (Glenn "is my cabana ready" Greenwald). Still others that eschew the argument that small steps to the left are better than no steps at all ( Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Jane Hamsher I'm looking at you).  These puritopians  fail to see that the only person standing between them and a probe in their collective vaginas is President Obama.

The fact that state after state is passing anti-woman laws, the GOP controlled house is outright lying about Planned Parenthood, and even douche bag state assemblymen like this guy : Bob Morris , are attacking the fucking Girl Scouts, doesn't even register with the far left.  They're too worried about indefinite detention, drone strikes and other liberal straw men.

I live in the real world.  While I disagree with the President on some issues, the future of my daughters is way more important to me than the others. I'm more concerned that no one orders a drone strike in my daughter's ladyparts if she chooses to get an abortion.  I want my girls to get free contraception if they want it without having to visit some back alley crack dealer who's running progesterone on the side.

My wife had surgery a few years ago and literally can have no more children without threatening her life. I got the old snip snip, but if that had failed and my wife was pregnant I don't want some fundamentalist asshat like Rick Santorum saying she can't choose to terminate the pregnancy.

I live in Illinois. Right now, we have a Democratic controlled State House and Governor, so there haven't been any direct assaults on the rights of my wife and daughters.  Given that, I stand united with my sisters in other states and their champions in the blogosphere, the Uterati if you will.

If you're so blinded by ideals that you can't see the War on Women is the most important issue in the next election then you might as well move  to Brazil....oh wait.

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