Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOP War on Women: Cause she's easy like Sunday morning.

If this post seems like I'm spitting vitriol through clenched teeth, it's because I'm spitting vitriol through clenched fucking teeth.  I am so fucking over the fucking Republican teabillie bullshit I can barely stand it.

Here's the latest, Wisconsin State Representative, Roger Rivard (R-Dumbfuckburg)* spun a yarn about some sage advice that his daddy told him.

Quoth Roger the Reprehensible: “He also told me one thing, ‘If you do (have premarital sex), just remember, consensual sex can turn into rape in an awful hurry,’ ” Rivard said. “Because all of a sudden a young lady gets pregnant and the parents are madder than a wet hen and she’s not going to say, ‘Oh, yeah, I was part of the program.’ All that she has to say or the parents have to say is it was rape because she’s underage. And he just said, ‘Remember, Roger, if you go down that road, some girls,’ he said, ‘they rape so easy.’

Really? Some girls rape so easily? That's probably the dumbest advice in the history of dumb advice.  How bout, 'Son, keep it in your pants because you respect a woman enough to wait until she's ready.' Or 'make sure you use birth control' or ANY FUCKING THING besides "be careful cause if you knock her up, she'll cry rape'.  

Women don't 'rape easy'.  Rape is not some funny game.  Rape is not a way for the ebil harlots to get back at the god fearin' men.  Rape is power and control. That is all. 

Having met with, worked with and befriended a number of rape victims, I can tell you, rape is not easy.  Coming forward and saying you've been raped isn't easy. Nothing about this entire fucking topic is easy. 

You know what is easy? Voting every one of these motherfucking backward ass teabilly fucks out of office.  Take your dark ages view of women and your fucking corn pone wisdom and stick it up your fucking ass. It'll be like rape, and I've heard that comes easy. 

*Dumbfuckburg is between Madison and Green Lake. 

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