Monday, November 5, 2012

The War on Women Vote for Obama Edition

Friends, Americans, Countrypeople, lend me your ears. (Sorry Caesar).  Its time to vote.  I've been on record saying I don't care who you vote for, but that was a leetle bit dishonest.  I do care who you vote for and so do my wife and daughters.

I've always supported Barack Obama.  My wife can attest to the fact that when he gave the Keynote at the 2004 DNC, I said "If Kerry loses, Obama's the next President."  Over the years, nothing he has done, has caused me to abandon him.

While I've disagreed with some things he has done, and often wished he were more bold, I've never been a lefty that hates him because OMGZ DRONZ, or other Greenwaldian bullshit.

President Obama has been a steadying force in a tumultuous time.  The economy has steadied adding 5 million jobs.  Foreign policy has steadied. I realize that there's still work to be done on foreign policy, believe me nobody likes the collateral deaths of innocent people, but compared too the "Boot in Your Ass" foreign policy of the GOP, President Obama is a fucking dove.

Most important to me, is the President's views of domestic policy.  Not only has he looked out for the poor and downtrodden, but he's been a champion of women's issues.  Lilly Ledbetter was his first Presidential signature on a piece of legislation! Not stimulus, not healthcare, not ending the war.  The first thing he did as President was stand up for women.

Maybe it's because I have two daughters and so does he, but I get this guy. I get what it means to be a father of girls and want them to be considered equal to boys.  While I'm not President, my position as a child abuse investigator carries a certain weight and expectation. I can't ask anyone to treat their daughters with respect and dignity if I don't treat mine with respect and dignity.

In this I  totally get the President. He's the leader of the free world, but he still is a father who loves his girls and wants to be the best father he can be.

President Obama will protect the rights of women.  Period.  The other guys think shoving wands in brazen harlots' ladyparts is fine.  The other guys think that birth control makes someone a slut. The other guys thinks that women run to abortion clinics with reckless abandon because choosing abortion is easy.

I say fuck the other side with all the fuck. Vote Obama/Biden 2012

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