Friday, December 14, 2012

Fuck it.

In light of today's tragedy, I have cried, I have sworn and I have drank a whole fucking lot.  The senseless murder of children in a school in Connecticut is almost unspeakable.  I've seen dead kids in my work, and this is still killing me. 

I majored in history, psychology and theology so here's a quick history lesson. In 1787, America was a small, weak country. The 2nd Amendment was passed in part to have a ready militia to repel invasion from England or France or Spain. Those three countries were the super powers of that time. 

When the idea was put forth that the well regulated militia was there to protect people from government tyranny, they were not talking about the United States government.  They were referring to foreign tyranny trying to retake what they'd lost in the New World.

Today, the US is the last super power. Our military is nonpareil. There is no threat of foreign invasion. 

I don't care if hunters have a rifle.  I do care that people have access to assault weapons, extended magazines, etc. This fetishism of guns needs to stop. 

You're not cool because you own a .223 Bushmaster. You're not safe because you own a Sig-Sauer or Glock 9. 

We need to have a safe, sane, existence for our children.  I have two daughters who I love more than life itself. Bailee is in 7th grade and Rowan is in Kindergarten.  Today I had to fight myself all afternoon to go get them from school.  

We need to stop having to worry about sending our kids to school.  The gun fetishists are suggesting that if only the teachers or principal was packing, this would not have happened. This logical fallacy has been repeated over and over.  More guns are not the solution.  

The 2nd amendment calls for a well regulated militia. Well regulated to me means regulated. It doesn't mean that everybody should have a gun.  It doesn't mean that guns protect us from the EBIL KENYAN MUSLIM.  It means regulation.  

At this point I'm rambling.  You get the point.  Fuck today with all  the fuck. 

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